Arch Live project, by Elia Yehuda, aka z4ziggy
Download Archie 0.4.1 XFCE (md5sum: ab6babecfbfe95e724ec4ef55000e94d):
Release date : April 14th, 2005
Torrent download : here and here
ftp mirrors list : here

Package list here
changelog here

Note: Archie is still under heavy development and thus can only be considered as beta. Please submit bug reports in the forums here. Thank you.


Archie is a complete live Arch linux system (v0.7) to be run from a cd/usb, built with the KISS philosophy in mind. No packages have been stripped to provide a full Arch linux system, yet deliver fastest performance with no extensive bloating. Archie uses its own hw-detection tool (lshwd) ideally to support a wide range of hardware with low detection time. Archie also provides extended features like multi-lingual, nesting capabilities and hd-install.

Archie iso's consists of several different isos, each directed to a different task :

Archie XFCE Archie with XFCE desktop ~300mb usb/cd Ready
Archie KDE Archie with KDE desktop ~650mb cd only N/A yet
Skinny Archie XFCE Stripped down (uclibc) Archie with XFCE desktop ~100mb usb/cd N/A yet
Skinny Archie KDE Stripped down (uclibc) Archie with KDE desktop ~250mb usb/cd N/A yet

The Archie XFCE iso is currently available. Soon the Skinny Archie XFCE will be added.

The Archie project also offers the scripts (named archie-scripts) used to create the Archie iso's so other Archers may create their own Arch-based live system, very similar (in principle) to the project.

Main Features

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We are continuously seeking for more contributers on the Archie project - if you're interested in helping and assisting, please share it with us here.

Howto install

Howto create your own Live Arch iso

Download mirros


Rasat/AMLUG : Web space and support
SG-3 : Testing and docs
iphitus : Q/A, Graphics and testing
Shadowhand : Logo, Graphics and design
encelo : Graphics
kpiche : uclibc maintainer