Started at 9th August 2003
by Markku (Rasatmakananda) 

Current version: hwd-5.5.2-1 (9-Aug-2009).
Download Arch Linux package: hwd-5.5.2-1-i686.pkg.tar.gz
Download source: hwd-5.5.2.bin.tar.gz
md5sums: 61af86fcec32b0caa541f7202d584d25

Pkgbuild: PKGBUILD
Install: hwd.install
Tarball (files and PKGBUILD): hwd.tar.gz

HWD: hardware detect for Arch Linux 


Hwd; hardware detect for Arch Linux, is for both devfs and udev device systems and also for kernels 2.4.x and 2.6.x. Instead of running an auto configure script what may be expected, Hwd (/usr/bin/hwd) doesn't change existing configures. Detects hardwares and modules, and provides information how to do manually. This allows the user to have a control over his/her system; basic philosophy of Arch Linux.

Series 2.x supports kernel 2.4.x and 2.6.x, XFree86 and Xorg, and device systems Devfs and Udev (e.g. /dev/discs/disc0/part1 and /dev/hda1). It generates one "howto" man page as per detected hardwares and modules explaining how to configure manually (command line) and start at boot-up.

Series 3.x supports all pci and usb device detection. System information feature is included displaying memory and mount points usage (graphic). Improved expert mode.

Series 4.x is no longer "based on Knoppix". Lot of clean up and changes in /usr/bin/hwd script. Hwsetup is replaced by /usr/bin/lshwd (new hardware detect engine) and mkxf86config by /usr/bin/mkxcfg (video, monitor and mouse detect, and X generator). Both softwares developed by Elia Yehuda < z4ziggy (at) user-contributions (dot) org >.

Series 5.x lshwd replaced with pciutils and usbutils. Tables pci-, usb-, and pcmcia-table were removed and xorgtable added.

Below screenshots display hwd-5.1 menu, simple mode, expert mode, and system information.



Hwd is uploaded in Arch Linux's extra repository. To install run pacman.
( Its depended on three packages: "pciutils","usbutils", "ddcxinfo-arch", and "wget")

# pacman -S hwd





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